Tecnosistemi provides the best quality power solutions to its customers. Our specialised know how and global experience over the years have helped us to construct and upgrade substations, wherever they are needed and according to customer’s needs. An e-house is a pre-fabricated electrical substation building, fully equipped with medium / high voltage switchgears, low voltage switchboards, bus bar trunking systems, UPS systems, transformers, HVAC, Fire and Gas and auxiliary equipment. It is completely designed, developed, manufactured, integrated and pre-tested at the factory, then connected and put into operation on site.

Our customers benefit from both our affordable and highly reliable applications and up to date technologies thus fulfilling all their requirements in terms of project execution, management and desired quality of the product. Our clients can be rest assured that we can make our product e-house ready for Factory Acceptance Test in five – six months from purchase order.


Building a conventional site-built power substation is considered to be often too expensive or timeconsuming for many projects over the years. It is often considered as a cumbersome process
considering the tight schedule of the project or difficulties in site built construction and other commonly faced problems such as obtaining building permits on time for construction of the conventional building.

Our e-house can bypass all these troubles. Installation of e-houses can be done very fast thereby going hand in hand with other onsite activities and also it can be easily installed virtually anywhere thereby avoiding the issue of space constraints.
Adopting our solution clients can overcome all the obstacles of complex civil works and they will be totally free from any construction related risks. E-house solution also helps our client to have some extra time which otherwise they would be spending for planning, and controlling of onsite activities related to civil works for construction purpose.

Since e-house comes ready to be plugged in at the site, the lead time can be made shorter as well as the installation time can be reduced. We take pride in informing that we can also guarantee a time limit of five to six months for our product to be ready for Factory Acceptance Test.


The possibility of having only one point of contact for designing and constructing substations along with all the systems itself is a winning strategy.
Our e-houses in general consists of the following items. Please note that our products are highly customizable according to client’s requirements and needs.

  • Containers (to house all the electrical equipment)
  • LV / HV / MV Switchgears
  • Power Transformers
  • Protection and Control Panels.
  • Bus bar system
  • Variable frequency drives (VFD)
  • AC / DC Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Battery Packs
  • Programmable logic controls (PLC)
  • Power and lighting systems
  • Heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Smoke and gas detection systems
  • Access control systems (P.A.G.A.)
  • Fire and Gas systems (extinguishing)

Depending on clients needs we also install other systems such as earthing systems, cable trays and other accessories. Finally clients will have a complete and integrated solution.


Cost Saving in setting up
Space optimization
Time saving
Reduced Maintenance costs
Maximum return on investment
Compact solution
Lead time of 5 – 6 months for FAT
Improved HSE audit
Ease of installation in any environment including harsh conditions.



Tecnosistemi together with the mother company IMESA S.p.A., has decades of experience in supply Medium and Low Voltage Switchboards and Containerized Electrical Substations. We supplied our equipment to main clients worldwide such as ENI, Petrofac, Weatherford, DNO, Fincantieri,



Tecnosistemi started his activity in the United Arab Emirates, under formally the Italtel name, in the late 1994. The first project was the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of a sophisticate Access Control and Alarm Monitoring system for Etisalat in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.



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